Arranged Marriage Equals Success?
Arranged Marriage Equals Success?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Arranged Marriage

Depending on an individual’s opinion on arranged marriages, influences the fact on whether there are any advantages or disadvantages on this type of marriage. If the person does not agree with the concept, then the person wouldn’t see any advantages. If another person agrees with the concept of arranged marriages, then the person would see many advantages due to the fact cultural upbringing and religion are major influences on the individual’s stand on this concept. When both opinions are taken into consideration, then there would be advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to look at both sides to understand the concept of arranged marriages.

The Advantages:

There are several advantages that come with arranged marriages. One advantage is that arranged marriages are less forced in today’s society. Many societies around the world see that Islam in particular enforces arranged marriages. Most people in the Islamic faith know that in order for two individuals to get married, the marriage would only be possible if the two individuals like each other. With keeping this in mind, the parents would only arrange the marriage if both individuals give consent. Another advantage is the risk of incompatibility is eliminated. Arranged marriages ensure that two people are perfectly matched. Family members would ensure that factors such as culture, religion, and language are all the same. Family members would also ensure that the matched individual for their child would come from a similar socio-economic class. These identical factors would help make communication between the two individuals easier and understand where they both come from. These factors would also ensure that decision-making would be easier between the couple, especially when it came to the future of their children. When both individuals have almost everything in common, there would be more chances that the marriage would be successful.

Another advantage is that divorce is at a low risk. Since most arranged marriages take place in eastern societies in particular in south-Asian countries such as India, where divorce is almost unthinkable. Most religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity discourage divorce, but do permit it. Since both individuals come from the same background, they would share the same views on marriage and divorce, therefore less likely to divorce. Parents are careful when it comes to selecting their children’s partner, to ensure that the marriage will be successful and divorce would not be an issue.

Finally, another advantage includes support from extended family members. In traditional societies the couple would go live within the parent’s house of the male spouse. When times of difficulty arise, the couple can seek financial and emotional support from parents and in-laws. When the couple have children, they could rely on family members to look after the children when the two individuals have to go to work. Another benefit that comes along with support from extended family members is advice. When the couple are in arguments or have to make major decisions, they could seek advice from elder family members. When marriages are arranged, there would be co-operation between the parents’s of the two couples.


Along with advantages, arranged marriages may also include disadvantages. One disadvantage is the fact that the individual does not have the opportunity to make their own decision. When a marriage is arranged by family members, they don’t encourage the individual to decide on who they should marry. Instead of the individual going around meeting people and dating, the parents are left with the job to find the match. If the marriage does not work out and both spouses are unhappy, the blame would go towards the marriage.

Another disadvantage that comes along with arranged marriages is the fact that love within the marriage is second priority. Family members convince the two individuals that love will eventually bloom within the marriage. Other factors such as social or economic status are more important, rather than romantic love between the two individuals.

Finally, another disadvantage that comes along with arranged marriages is that there would be the interference of extended family members. Sometimes when extended family members get involved with disagreements, may cause more stress within the marriage. Also, individuals from western societies that have had an arranged marriage would feel uncomfortable with extended family members involved in their daily lives.

In my opinion, I have mixed feelings towards the concept of arranged marriages. I do feel that family members should be involved within the decision making process of conducting the marriage. However, I also feel that the individual should make the decision to go out and search for their life partner, instead of leaving the job to the parents. I feel that the person would find the best match by physically going out there and searching for the right person.

love marriages arranged marriages
love marriages arranged marriages

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